Monday, May 19, 2014

Painted Antique Desk & Chair Set

Last week was completely filled with projects that needed a frustratingly large amount of prep work.

Prepping furniture before painting is essential, but sometimes it takes far, far longer than I expect.  The veneer on the top and drawer on this desk were not salvageable and it took me so long to remove and repair it.

I pretty much think it was worth it, though, for a couple reasons.  First, I love to work on something that seems destined for the dump and second, I love the final results.

After all the prep was complete, I painted the body of the desk and the chair with General Finishes Lamp Black.  Both got a light distressing and a coat of poly.

I wanted to add in a lighter color and create a contrast with the drawer so I painted it using GF's Millstone. To really give it some presence I heavily distressed it and then added the original hardware back on.

The inside of the drawer was a little stained and ugly, so I ended up also painting it in Millstone and then lined the drawer with burlap.

This set sold right away, which is for the best. It is definitely something I was getting seriously attached too!