Thursday, May 15, 2014

Painted & Stained Mid Century End Tables

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*I was compensated for this post with supplies, however all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.
I feel like I have a natural draw towards mid century furniture. 
First of all, it is a perfect fit for my home, period wise. Secondly, I love the clean lines. And, since I despise clutter or things that are too ornate I frequently am drawn to this style. Lastly, this stuff is well built. It's insane how heavy, even these tables, were to carry.

So, here's the story behind them. I found this first table at the thrift store and dragged it home.
I started by sanding the entire thing and staining the drawers and base using General Finishes Java Gel Stain. Then I painted several coats of GF Snow White on the box of the table.
Half way through this process, the contractor that is doing our bathroom over stopped by and noticed the table--at that point half painted and in my living room--I was testing it out as an end table for us to keep--and he bought it. I finished painting and sealed it with poly and it went home with him about a week later.
 In the meantime, I was searching around in an antique/junk shop type of store and found this and immediately snatched it up...

 I new I wanted to do the same stain/paint combo as on the first table, but I wanted to focus more on staining and restoring the piece.
 For this makeover, just a portion of the legs got a coat of white paint (the very bottom got finished in antique gold Rub 'N Buff). Since we've been wanting to add in more stained wood to our living room, this one is staying put with us.
By the way, I used the same Rub 'N Buff on the legs to update all the hardware, too. Super easy to use and has lots of impact.

What are your thoughts on mid century furniture (and specifically painting versus restoring them).  I'd love for you all to share!