Friday, July 18, 2014

99.9% Complete Bathroom Reveal

You guys! It's time to share my nearly, almost so close to being finished bathroom with you all!

The one last project I have is in the works, but a tad more effort than I had thought. Since you can get the complete feel for the room without it; I figured I would just go ahead and share. And for those with inquiring minds, the last project is to paint the closet door and install new hardware. I had originally thought that just a sanding would suffice, but there was major paint peeling and I think it would be best to strip off all the remaining layers and start fresh for a nice, clean finish. There is no way I am going to let a crummy looking door mess up what is potentially the most exciting thing to ever have happened here at Number Fifty-Three.
Let's start at the horrible beginning. Man, this bathroom was awful! Plus it is the only one in our home, so that made for an interesting renovation.

And how about the after? Seriously. More. Than. I. Could. Ever. Of. Hoped. For.
Remember that one time that I made that cabinet out of wine crates and it ended up being my most popular post ever...
Here it is. All hung up and holding our toothbrushes and toothpaste.
Here's the list of what was done:  new flooring and tub tile, glazed tub, new sink, vanity, lighting and mirror, baseboards and paint.  And that built in. Totally in love with it/better than I thought it would be/looks like it should have always been there.
Photo: Worth. Every. Second. Of. Grief. (Doesn't hurt that we think the guy who did it is pretty awesome, too.)
And, since we hired out because this was way over or DIY heads I learned a lot. The top two things being: 1. it will take 10x longer to finish the job than you are told and  2. Sometimes things need to be done twice before they are done correctly. That last one kind of hurts. It was pretty bad seeing our newly tiled tub surround getting ripped out because I wasn't happy with the results the first time around. We were pretty lucky to have a great contractor that owned up to the problems and worked with us on a solution.
Other than the built in, which I've already professed my love for, my other fave part of this reno was the new curved shower rod. It's the simple things. Seriously, though. Go buy one right now. It honestly makes your shower HUGE, like double the size big. LOVE.
What do you all think? Pretty amazing, right. While we hired out for the labor, I picked out and purchased all the material on my own. Once I get that tricky closet door situation addressed, I'll be sure to share a post with my complete source list.