Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Display Collections in Your Home

Hey there, friends!
It's no secret that I have several collections in my home.  It's sort of a love/hate kind of thing. While I love the items, I hate clutter. And there is a definite fine line between displaying the things you love and all out complete chaos and mess.
I thought today I would share some of my favorite collections with you all and show you how I have managed to add them to my home without being overwhelmed.

I have kind of an insane love for white pottery. A lot of my collection is a result of gifts, filled in with pieces I have found at the flea market and thrift store.

The collection is a mix of new (think Target and HomeGoods) mixed with vintage and antique pieces. The thing that unifies them and makes the entire collection work is color. The pottery varies from a bright white to deep cream, but does not stray from that color family. Further, I have them displayed in an antique white hutch to create a simple and unified look.
Along with the white pottery, I also have a (smaller) collection of plates, displayed gallery wall style in my adjoining living room. I did one accent plate (still based in white)  amongst a cream and off-white collection.
I love using furniture in unexpected ways. A hutch placed in the living room can be filled with just about anything. This small mid century hutch actually hold my collection of decorating magazines. However, instead of putting them with the spines exposed, which would be distracting in both color and design, I laid them flat so the color was unified.
The top of the hutch holds the majority of my brass candlestick collection. My love for old brass, really will never die.
Lastly, in my dining room, I have two collections. First up is the mirror gallery wall. I went with two color families here, cream and aqua. However, displaying them closely together and filling up an entire wall keeps it from looking cluttered and haphazard.
The reflection of the mirrors also brings in light and opens up the entire space.
This same room also holds my antique and vintage book collection. I have them all stacked in a simple IKEA cabinet and tried to keep the sizes uniform and the colors neutral.
I hope this post helped you all with displaying collections in your own home! For more info you can check out my Pinterest board here.