Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vintage, Storage Filled Boy's Room (Fall in Love)

Hey everyone. The day is finally here. Time to reveal my Vintage, Storage Filled Boy's Room as part of the Fall in Love series going on this week.

Despite my best intentions to keep you all updated, I think I posted one project. Things have been hectic. Can I just continue to use that excuse?  Plus, I'm a procrastinater and may have waited until the last possible seconds to finish this reveal up.

Now, a few things you need to know about Gennaro, my soon to be 11 year old (love that New Year's baby!).
First. His number one love in this entire universe is Mickey Mouse and he enjoys collecting vintage Disney pieces. (By the way, the step stool is IKEA and I just gave it a light stain with some Howard Restor-A-Finish.)
Second. He has a ton of stuff. And the smallest room. That created clutter, clutter and some more clutter and it was driving me insane. (You can read about the rug here.)
Third. More bookshelf space was his number one request (also from IKEA). Important Gennaro fact: he wants to be a librarian when he grows up.  Second important fact, he yelled at us for the majority of the day yesterday because he needed silence to properly organize and shelf his books because he knew I had to meet my project deadline and he wanted everything to look perfect for all of you.

This old trunk is fantastic for storing G's massive stuffed animal collection. I love that it adds some history to the space and that it is stained wood. I always try to mix a combo of stained and painted pieces in a room.

Hey! See the drawers under his bed? He loves them and filled them with Pokémon and Ben 10 toys. That was seriously the only project I blogged about for the room. You can see the before and after here. (Oh, P.S. I repainted his bed from a custom gray/blue to black and love it so much better. The bed was originally in a convent. Which, is hysterical, because Gennaro has a mouth like a sailor.)

This end table was a lucky thrift store find. I painted it with my absolute fave color, Corinth Blue, by General Finishes and then topped it with their Pitch Black glaze.

I repurposed Gennaro's previous bedding (white quilt and navy duvet). And added in a Target pillow sham.

I like to call this the contemplative Figgy...
And, do you all remember that wicked cool throw pillow I recently stenciled? It made its way into Gennaro's room. You can read all about my collaboration with Paint A Pillow here. 

On to his new desk...I had purchased it over the summer and painted it and it never sold. I was secretly hoping it wouldn't because it is so unusual and I truly loved it! I had initially painted it cream and blue (you can see the original post here), but wanted something more masculine and industrial looking so I repainted the blue with black chalkboard paint, rubbed it with chalk and sealed it and it gave it a really cool slate feel.  I added in jadeite knobs to bring in more of the aqua/turquoise accent color.

A new lamp and bulletin board rounded out his desk area...

Last up, wall décor. I was super lucky to find this print on clearance at Target. The colors and graphic pattern are perfect in the space and awesome is one of G's favorite words.

To add in more aqua and further that vintage vibe I hung our Massachusetts map on the long wall above his bed.

So. Do you want to see how far this room has come in the last month or so?  Here is the (gag) horrific before... Its come so far!!!!

And, do you want to know Gennaro's reaction to his new space? He said, "Awesome + Amazing". Score!

Here's the complete list of all of the reveals! Check them out. Seriously. They are inspiring!


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