Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest with HomeRight

This is a sponsored post.

Welcome friends!

I'm so excited to share my latest entry for The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest with you all! This month's theme is Spray it Pretty and is sponsored by HomeRight.

They were kind enough to send all of us participants a Finish Max Sprayer to complete our projects. And, can I tell you all something...this was my very first time using a sprayer. Honestly, I barely even use spray paint!

I'm so in love with my finished project and completely consider my trial run of spraying furniture a success.

When I went out searching for my project piece I had a specific idea in mind. I really wanted something that would benefit from using a sprayer, rather than a traditional brush.

I picked this mid century end table for a few reasons. First, the interior was in rough shape so I knew I wanted to paint that, too. If you've ever painted the inside of a cabinet by hand you know it is so annoying! Secondly, I wanted a piece that was very intricate with lots of curves and carvings.  I really wanted to see if using a sprayer on something like this would cover those crevices fully, without having to get out a tiny artist brush to do the fine detail work.

Here's my table before and in process...

As a complete newbie, this sprayer was very easy to set up and maneuver for me.

I was able to spray a few coats, with very even coverage and no drips. 

I had truly hesitated on color on this one...thinking I should stick with a classic neutral, but this bold peacock just spoke to me and it gave this old, worn table new life.

 To further highlight all that gorgeous detail, I applied a black wax lightly, and buffed. (The entire piece was finished in poly.)

Cleanup was just a matter of removing a few parts and rinsing thoroughly. (The sprayer came with an incredibly detailed instructional booklet so there is no second guessing.

As someone who professionally paints furniture I see this as a great tool to save time and achieve a perfectly smooth finish on certain pieces.
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