Monday, July 17, 2017

Defining Your Style & A Source for Online Consigned Furniture

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Happy Monday!

I wanted to share with you all a great resource for purchasing used furniture online. It's something I have been looking into more and more as I try to get this old house of ours decorated.  You all know that I love going out and exploring and hunting for new pieces, and this is great for the painting and refinishing part of Number Fifty-Three, but sometimes I want a certain piece for my home now, without the months it sometimes takes to source it locally.

Here are some tips and my favorite site for inspiration...

1. Define your style by looking online, in magazines and in books to see what you are drawn to.


in love with this living room

2. Collect inspiration pictures for the piece you would like to find.

= vintage leather and crate

Alvorada Armchair -

3.  Set a budget and begin your search! I've been recently introduced to Viyet (a pre-owned, high end consignment sales company) and am just in love with how this website is set up. You can search a defined list of parameters, including price, location and style.



And, of course, the last step is to purchase your pieces and put your newly decorated room together. I feel like the prices may be a bit higher than what you are all used to me talking about should always consider bringing an investment piece into your décor that will last for generations. Also, consider this to be a bit of a high/low, where you can budget for a splurge and save in other areas.

I'd love for you all to hop on over to Viyet and share your favorite chairs with me either here or on my other social media outlets.

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