Monday, August 13, 2018

Decorating with Wildflowers and Living Room Tweaks

The last time I blogged, a couple of months ago (eek!), I had just rearranged and purged my living room. I'm happy to say, that it's still the same, with just a few minor décor tweaks and changes...which is a complete miracle for me!

 A couple of times when I was out last week I saw masses of beautiful purple wild flowers on the side of the road. So, on Thursday, I took a drive, with my clippers, and picked a large bouquet of them. (Note: I added some extra plates to the gallery wall like I wanted...)

I put them in a large white vase, and I love how they play off of the simplicity and neutral palette in the room. (I also added a light above the portrait, which was in my original wish list when I moved this space around.)

I didn't trim the flowers at all and just let them fall how they were to mimic their side of the road feel.

I've had this piece of weathered barn wood for years, another side of the road find, and I recently hung it on the wall. It gives the room a little bit of a cozier and warmer feel, without being overly farmhouse.

I also added this vintage mirror, a Goodwill find, that I painted in a very pale gray.

I'm still trying to keep things really simple and as minimal as I can. My mom gave me this box, which I'm using to store some extra décor items. I think, after I gave it a coat of black paint, it fits the room nicely!

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