Hi, I'm Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I love the collected look of a house filled with thrifted items.  My decorating style is an ever evolving eclectic mix. I love such a wide variety that its difficult to pinpoint one direction for my décor, but, I do find myself consistently drawn to vintage, antique with modern and boho.  I'm forever tweaking and updating my home and I invite you to come along on this journey with me!

 One thing you should know about me is that I'm passionate about decorating on a budget. I know it's tough to have a high end wish list that's out of reach, but I can show you how to transform dated thrift store purchases, style rooms and create simple crafts that will be spectacular in your home.

Painting and refinishing is my absolute favorite way to update my thrifty finds. I just love how a little bit of work can transform someone's old cast-offs into beautiful treasures.  I love it so much that  I painted and sold vintage and antique furniture to customers throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York State for over 6 years. 



  1. I'm curious about why your Blog is called number fifty three? :-)

  2. So happy to find your blog (through L. Swap fb group ;)) We just bought a house and did some big renovating... Now I'm starting the decorating part! Where are your favorite places to get your consignment furniture? Looking forward to following! Lindsay @ www.weddingringstoteethingrings.com


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