Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Revamped Entry...

Do you ever go to change one thing in your house and it snowballs into this major, never-ending ordeal?

I so did that this weekend. 

It started about a week ago when my Mom had a gorgeous settee that she either wanted us to store in our basement or sell.  We decided to keep it on our main level and trade her for an antique wooden chair I had bought a while ago that she really, really wanted. 

I thought about where to put our new acquisition all week and finally came up with the perfect plan, which of course consisted of moving major pieces of furniture around our house and stealing art from other rooms.

So for several days, a good portion of our house was an unfinished mess, but I'm super happy with our new entry area, while at the same time feeling pretty annoyed with myself for the mess and clutter that I had created.  I truly cannot stand disorder.

Anyhow, this is the settee that caused all the drama. I love the color! and it is really comfy, too.  I moved in our small, black hutch from the living room next to it and kept it styled exactly the same. I need a tall piece of furniture there at all times to hide an ugly red switch plate that is our emergency shut off for our furnace.  Did this really need to be placed at eye level right when you walk into our home?

You know what I love about this change? The extra little seating area looks less entryway and more living room, which makes the fireplace not seem like it is in such a bizarre location.  It is so totally off center and always seems to be half in our living room and half in the entryway.


This is another part of our entry, on the other side of the stairway, and next to our front door. We've had this bureau forever, but just recently moved it into this spot.

So, like I previously mentioned, adding this settee in meant that I had to move our previous entry furniture elsewhere in my home, then I started moving furniture around in the living room, stealing a dresser with a marble top from our classroom/office, a chair from the master bedroom and art from the dining room. Meanwhile, I decided that my old 1990s hutch that I had recently painted white didn't quite jive with our house the way I had hoped, so I redid that, too.

Way more on that another day, though! 

Have a great week!

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