Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Book Page Snowflake Wreath

I made an easy book page snowflake wreath for my January mantel today.

I simply ripped out pages from an old book and, using a tutorial like this one, I folded and cut the pages into snowflakes.

I made a simple wreath form by tracing a dinner plate and bowl onto 12x12 card stock and cut it out. 

When the snowflake is still folded up there is the top point of the triangle, when the snowflake is open that point becomes the center of the flake. It was at that point where I put a drop of hot glue and stuck it onto the wreath form.



I love a full wreath so I glued on as many snowflakes as possible to completely cover the wreath form.  You can see how the book page snowflakes are standing straight up rather than lying flat to give the wreath more depth.

Instead of a traditional ribbon, I cut four varying lengths of twine and glued them to the top, back of the wreath. At the end of each piece I hot glued a small book page snowflake.

I'll share my mantel tomorrow, but for now you can see that I replaced the large gold mirror with this more ornate (and smaller) black one. I love the simplicity of mixing black and white together.

And while this wreath was super easy and pretty fast to make, my husband wanted me to point out that I made a huge mess.  Really, tell me I'm not the only one whose space looks like a disaster when they're done with a project. I had scraps of paper everywhere!

Have a great start to your week!


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