Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY Coffee Table Terrarium

With the cold, cloudy, snowy days we have here in New England in the winter I wanted to add something with life and greenery into my living room.

I (very easily and inexpensively) put together this terrarium for my coffee table.

I started with a large glass container; minus the cover (previously seen here). Then I collected the cacti and succulent plants I had scattered around the house and placed them in the jar. Honestly, I didn't even bother to transplant them. I bought all of these plants about 6-8 months ago at the garden store and they have fared quite well in their original pots.

I added $3 worth of rocks from the Dollar Store to keep the plants steady and disguise the pots and two brass camel place card holders for interest. 

I put the whole thing on this round graphic tray I got on clearance at Target a couple of months ago and added a larger brass camel.  I love, love, love brass and these have special meaning since they were brought to us years ago from Kuwait by a family member who was living/working there. (I love pieces with history and a story)!

And that is it! I actually find that cacti do better when not in direct sunlight and are watered sparingly; only when the soil is quite dry.






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