Monday, June 3, 2013

Country Cottage Sideboard

Oh my gosh everyone, I can't believe it is already June! The weeks have been flying by.
I had my first little disaster this past week with my furniture painting business.  I had stored all of my waiting to be painted furniture in our garage. Yeah. Not such a great idea with the incredible amount of rain & humidity we are having. So, a few days ago we had to toss out a couple of pieces of furniture and then drag everything else into our dining room, which has now become my storage/work room. Totally not the best or ideal situation, but it's what I'm working with right now.
So, on to this little makeover I did to a sideboard that a customer of mine found at Brimfield.

She requested a darker basecoat with a creamy topcoat and lots of distressing. I found the replacement hardware at Hobby Lobby.


 I created this super worn and aged look by completely sanding the piece and painting it with Martha Stewart's Chocolate Truffle. Once that dried I did a topcoat of Benjamin Moore's Gentle Cream--love this one and definitely plan on using it in the future! Lastly, I sanded it with the electric sander to seriously distress it!
Here's my supervisor (as we've taken to calling him) checking out the finished product...

I, of course realized after I was already painting, that I had forgotten the before shot. Hate when I do that! But, I did find this one that the customer had sent me when she first bought the piece.
And one last after. (And you know that I style these finished pieces to show my customers and to share on my blog and then I fall in love.) Sigh.
I really shouldn't be starting on my kitchen makeover right now since my dining room is a warehouse and all, but it's raining, I can't get out to sand anything, so I think that is exactly what I'm going to do...step one, remove the upper cabinet doors!



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