Monday, September 9, 2013

Two-Toned Wall & My $5 Headboard

We've been having this little situation with our headboard in our master bedroom this summer.

It started in July when we got a new mattress. I had decided I wanted a Tempur-Pedic and thought we could swing one of the more basic models, but then we got to the store and the high end model was on clearance for less money and one thing led to another and I ended up with a massive mattress in our bedroom. Seriously. It dwarfed our sleigh bed style headboard and footboard. Then, because Tempur-Pedics are insanely heavy,  my husband began to question why we hadn't gotten the reinforced bed frame. So I bought that. And, of course it wasn't compatible with our headboard. So our headboard/footboard combo had to go, which 1. I was totally fine about since I was over it. 2. I was able to sell on craigslist for more than the cost of the new bedframe and 3. Without the odd curve of the sleigh bed our room actually looked bigger. Win. Win. Win.

Then began the major amounts of obsessing/pinning/discussions since I was not totally keen on the idea of no headboard, plus, I had been wanting to do an accent wall behind our bed for ages.
About a week ago, I began fining images showing two-toned walls and shared my favs here. I thought super easy and inexpensive, right. And it totally and completely was (after I had my husband tape the straight line for me because that type of detail, focused work is way more up his alley).
Two coats of paint and it ended up subtle and lovely, just like I had pictured.

As is turned out, I still needed a solution to our headboard issue because, I must sleep weird and up high because my head kept touching the wall and I couldn't deal with it.
Cue this antique headboard we found for free on the side of the road. My husband supported the pieces with some brackets on the back to make it more secure, I painted and waxed it and then he added some hooks and put it up on the wall.  It was all done for the cost of a sample pot of paint and couple of supplies from the hardware store.

Here it is before...

The completed look is pretty cozy, no? And inexpensive...which was a necessity after what I spent on the mattress.

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