Monday, October 21, 2013

Kitchen Progress

 Do you ever have too much going on? That is me...always. And, sometimes it gets overwhelming.  Not so much the projects, but the clutter that comes with the projects.
Right now we are easing back into the school routine (which we let slide since my oldest got sick a couple of weeks ago).  So, of course that equals a mess in the office, which is already a mess. Tired of my Mom telling me that the office is a dumping ground and also, tired of my husband telling me it will never look any better, I am determined to tackle it this week. I'll share all my inspirations and ideas on Wednesday.
But, another space that has long annoyed me has been our oak filled kitchen. I have been slowly painting and redecorating the space over the last several months and I thought I would share my progress.

If you recall...way back in May (don't judge, I am super slow when it comes to projects in my own home, especially when the projects are time consuming and annoying like kitchen cabinet painting), I shared my plans (you can check out that post in its entirety here.
I wanted an eclectic modern country look that felt like it was collected over time.  Here was my inspiration from that original post:
Source listing in original post here).
Open, upper cabinets...check! 
White, roman shade...check!
Pewter pulls...check!
Pale, gray walls...check!
New, light colored counters...NOT YET!
Dark, lower cabinets...check!
Glass knobs...check!
Lots of chalkboard...check!
So, overall, I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the progress thus far. The only major update that needs to be made are the counters, but money and making a decision on what I exactly want are prohibiting that right now.
Just to refresh you memory...This is where I was last fall, with this room...

...and today...


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