Monday, November 25, 2013

Living Room Updates & Additions

The decorating never really end does it?

I recently mentioned that we got new shelving at IKEA (here) and since that time I have pretty much arranged and rearranged. I swear to you if I ask my family one more time if the shelves look cluttered they are going to smack me. I'm not kidding. It has become a joke around here.  It's just that I really despise clutter and I want to ensure that my new shelves in now way project the image of being cluttered and overdone. I know, I know, a good part of the time I even annoy myself.

 Back to the shelving, though. These are white, open and airy and filled the space perfectly.
I've tried to keep the bottom two shelves more earthy (with lots of wood) and functional (to hold some of my vintage books, catalogues and my library stash).
The upper shelves have a mix of more modern books, gold, brass, white pottery and glass. I also added in some turquoise since that color pops up throughout our home.
Believe me, the irony of someone who hates clutter buying open shelving is not lost on me.
The good thing is that I really have not had to buy anything to style the shelves, I just pulled from other parts of my home and what I already had in storage.

(Also, I switched the rug that had been here with this one from the office.)
On another note, did you all notice the chair? That's right. I could not stand the bright gold of the thrift store chair any longer (it's not gone though, my youngest took it for a reading chair in his room), and we settled on this chair from Wayfair.
Have you ordered from Wayfair before? It was a fantastic experience. I'm not kidding within three days the chair was ordered and in my living room. I could not ask for more than that! The condition was perfect, it is comfy and it ties in so well with our couch we bought last spring. LOVE it!

So that's it. I'm kind of feeling satisfied for the moment. Although we all know, in reality, that I will find something that needs tweaking soon!

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