Sunday, December 1, 2013

Book Page Chistmas Wreath

We usually put our big Christmas tree in our dining room each year. It's probably atypical, but it seems to work out best for us and for the layout of our home.
Anyway, about a month or so ago I found this vintage bamboo ladder at a tag sale not too far from us. I was super excited because I had actually wanted an antique ladder for next to the sideboard in our dining room. This one, though, more than fit the bill.  It was the right size and color, the bamboo gave it a cool, modern edge and, get this, it only cost $5. Five dollars!

The best part is that the ladder fits perfectly next to our Christmas tree! As soon as my husband had the tree all set up (pretty much the second Thanksgiving ended) I was ready to decorate. That was until I saw the ladder, next to the tree, and realized it was begging for a wreath. I get sidetracked so easily....

Would you like to make one? I promise it is super easy and quick!

Supplies:  book pages, cardboard, hot glue, border punch, ribbon.  Also, a pencil, scissors and plates/bowls to trace and cut out your wreath form from the cardboard.

Start by tearing some pages out of an old book and accordion fold them lengthwise. Then, fold each accordion folded page in half.

Use a paper punch on the folded edges.

Lastly, glue them onto your wreath form (I put the crease up against the inner section of the form so that the book pages are both on the front and back of the form) and hang with a pretty ribbon.
I think this wreath is so super pretty and ties in the holiday theme with my tree (which is still in the process of being decorated) and my sideboard (also still being decorated).

P.S. I have a couple of exciting things you may not have seen. 

First, I started a new series called Inspiring Bloggers and, this past week Meeha Meeha shared some fantastic decorating ideas with us all.  You can see her entire post here.

Secondly, my first contributor post was published at Jennifer Rizzo. You can read all about my Anthro inspired pillow here.



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