Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY Leather Fish Scale Art

Just so you all know, I am super obsessed with leather lately. This is already the second project I have done in the last week with leather scraps from the craft store. (The first project will be revealed soon as my contributor post on Jen Rizzo's Blog).

Did you know you could buy leather by the bag? They are truly just scraps from other projects and totally random in color; you never know just what you are going to get. That is what makes it super fun and creative, though.

Supplies: scrap leather, pen, fabric shears, circle template, hot glue, heavy cardboard, ruler, pencil and scissors, frame.

Start out by measuring and cutting a piece of cardboard to fit inside your frame. (*Alternately, if you purchase your frame at the thrift store, chances are that it came with a hideous (and thick) picture that you can use as your base, which is what I ended up doing.)
Next, trace the circles on the back of the leather pieces using a pen and cut out.  Place them on your cardboard in an overlapping fish scale pattern until you are happy with the look and color placement.
Use the glue gun to place a dab of glue at the top of each circle to keep them in place.
When you are done gluing, carefully trim the excess leather around the cardboard and fit it back into your frame.

I think this has a pretty awesome modern/rustic feel for very little time and money.  Seriously, I would say this project cost less than $12 total!