Monday, January 27, 2014

Painted Mid-Century Hutch & My ASCP Experience

Fellow furniture painting friends, have you ever worked on a piece that was just beyond a challenge? I'm talking about furniture that you just wanted to pick up and hurl out onto the curb so it could become someone else's problem? 
This hutch put up such a fight that it has taken me a full month after finishing it to even share it with you all. And for me, that is a record. And also, it has taken me that long to accept what I went through and to actually fall in love with it again.

 So, this hutch used to be up in our hallway and I lamented for, oh I don't know, more than a year, over what color I wanted to paint it. Probably around Thanksgiving we brought it down to the dining room and I immediately knew it should be painted cream to break up all the wood in the room and to tie into the main living space.
The before was super glossy, and since it was cold and the piece is cumbersome I didn't want to bring it outside to sand it. Also, I had been dying to try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I totally thought this would be the perfect project to use it on.
Here is what it looked like in my upstairs hallway. And, believe me, the finish looked way better on camera than it did in real life.
So, I spent $41 on one can of ASCP. Which, is astronomical to me. So I was expecting great things.
And my husband, who is super frugal told me the extra cost was worth it because I would be saving so much in time and labor. He's an accountant. It made sense.
I started freaking out around coat four, when it became clear that the stain was totally bleeding through and I actually would run out of paint before I could get it adequately covered.
Also, the bottom shelf of the upper portion had previously had some water damage that never looked too bad, but after 4+ coats of paint it was getting super warped and I had to pry it out and replace it.
Not willing to spend another $41 I had Home Depot color match the ASCP paint for me so I could finish the project. So, technically, this hutch is painted in like 85% ASCP with the remaining being Behr.

Just to add to the drama, The glass is super thin and fragile. And, I had to remove it to paint the inserts, which, by the way, had been attached incorrectly by the previous owner and left stain all over the glass, which we had to carefully scape off.

I'm not kidding you. There was more than once that I had to walk away from this project. But, now, a full month down the road, I love it like I thought I would.  The very top holds my collection of vintage brass candlesticks and an antique mirror that I found after someone tossed it out.  The upper portion holds my extensive collection of decorating magazines (hey! I've got to do research, right?) and the closed cabinet on the bottom holds my office supplies and paints that I am testing for various companies.

The acrylic bowl underneath holds projects that are in process and some that are completed that I am waiting to get the OK (from companies I collaborate with) to post.  It's become my mini office.

So, seriously. What did I do wrong here? I thought I wouldn't have to prime, but I got bleed through and the paint just didn't cover well. Should I have primed with a stain blocker first? And, if I had to do that, then what is the point to spend so much on ASCP when I could have achieved this with less than $10 of hardware store paint? Please share your experiences!

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