Friday, January 31, 2014

Things I'm Loving This Week...

Happy Friday everyone! I have a feeling it will be a quiet, quiet one here as my oldest has a temp of 104 degrees. Let's all say a little prayer that the rest of us don't catch this nasty virus he has!
I really love all of the things I found this week while online browsing!  Two of them (the bins and lamp) are actually meant for children.  Something I frequently do when shopping is to look at the kid's line from stores that I love. Often times you can get a great deal and the majority of the pieces can be used universally throughout the home.

Which is your favorite this week?
That West Elm tray has my name written all over it (well at least my initial)!
A couple of those poofs would be fab in my living room for my boys and you already know that I love Rugs USA!
I love sparkle and that little lamp would light up a corner in my home beautifully.
And that journal? A perfect gift for any age. Love it!