Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Distressed, Chalk Painted Furniture

Why is that Mondays have to be so absolutely crummy? I swear to you I went into yesterday with a positive attitude and I was just let down, and annoyed and disappointed. I was so happy to see the day end and a little message to Tuesday...Don't Fail Me!
Anyway, a while back I got a fab box of supplies from Country Chic Paints.  My first project using this line was the drop leaf table and chairs.
I decided to try out some more of their paints on these fun vintage pieces I recently found.
The chair was painted in Bliss. Is this not the prettiest light aqua shade ever?

I painted right over the leather seat and then distressed it.
This cute table had a French vibe going on for me. I painted the bottom Cheesecake and the top Dark Roast.
The medallions on all four legs got a little bit of antiquing wax to accentuate them even more.
Here's the horrid before pictures. (I really need to remember to take better pictures before I start working.)
Luckily, these pieces sold the first day I listed them because I was seriously tempted to keep them for myself!