Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy Vintage Chair Update {& Thrift Store Shopping}

Can I just say that thrift store shopping has been pretty down right horrendous so far this year? Because it has. Literally, a month and half in and I have only bought three pieces; a desk for a customer, a drop leaf table (I'll share next week) and this chair.


Here are my issues (and tell me if you are running into this problem in your area of the country, too):
1. Super high prices.
Because, believe it or not. I cannot pay $50+ for a dresser that is pretty much crumbling into pieces.
2. Lack of selection.
The shelves are bare people!
3. Quality.
What I am finding in the stores is laminate and press board. Gah.
So, when I found this chair I was over the moon. Really, I was super excited to find something structurally in good condition that was reasonably priced.
I decided to use American Paint Company paint in Dawns Early Light for this project. (They were recently nice enough to send me over some supplies to test out.)
This is seriously the prettiest color, friends! It is a pale gray with a touch of lavender. Just lovely! I decided to distress it to give it a worn feel and then upholstered the seat in a graphic black and white floral fabric for contrast.
This paint was fantastic to work with. It went on super smooth, covered great and distressed easily. Have you tried it yet?