Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Painted Mirrored Hutch

Hi there. My name is Angela and apparently I have an addiction to mirrors.
Yesterday, I shared my Vintage Mirror Gallery Wall and today I have a hutch that I updated with paint and a custom cut mirror (more on that mirror in a bit).

So, here is the thing about the hutch. I bought it like a year ago on craigslist for about $30. How crazy is that? It sat in our garage (and then in our office) that entire time without a makeover. For some reason, I had no clue what to do with it.

Photo: I got the best hutch/small china cabinet the other day and we're all determined to fit it in our house and not sell it. I'm thinking classroom, which is still a disaster and still the dumping ground for all the things we no longer want. Pretty sad since this is where we spend so much time. An emergency decorating call has been made to my mom...;)
Then, out of the blue (which is when most of my great ideas hit) I thought about using it in our master bedroom. However, I knew I wanted to use it for clothing storage and thus the glass just wouldn't work. I mean, do you really need to see my paint spattered sweats and old KISS t-shirts. The answer is, No. You completely do not. So, I decided to switch out the glass and wood inlay for a mirror. Easy and inexpensive.

My first step in the entire makeover was to paint (and believe me, this hutch definitely needed it)! I used Benjamin Moore's Silver Satin. I then distressed it and changed the hardware to some antique glass knobs that I salvaged from another project.

Once the painting was done my husband and I headed off to Lowe's because I had read that you can have custom mirrors cut there for free. I figured $11 and change for the cost of the mirror was a pretty fantastic deal. (No, really. It's a fantastic deal.)

Now, when you walk into Lowes this is what you do. Stop and ask an associate where you can purchase a mirror to have custom cut. They will then tell you they do not do that service and then chuckle at how naïve you are. Then chuckle back because you've done you're research and you know just how wrong that associate is. Next, continue walking through the store until you stumble upon the window and door section and then squeal with glee when you spot a little booth that is the glass, Plexiglas and mirror cutting area.  Run and find an employee in that department and tell them you need a mirror custom cut for a project. Then nod politely while they tell you that you, in fact, do not want said mirror. That you can't actually cut mirror without jagged little edges all over the places. Blah, blah, blah. Tell them you are willing to take your chances, wait for them to muster some courage and then take all of the two seconds that is needed to cut the mirror to the correct size. Once they wrap up your mirror you are good to go. Bonus: you happen to bump into that first associate on your way out and you can brag all about your newly cut mirror.

Anyhow, I'm super excited about this addition to our bedroom and I really, really hope it is the inspiration and stepping stone to actually get this space to a place that I am happy with!