Monday, March 24, 2014

Vintage Mirror Gallery Wall

So, last week I randomly created a gallery wall in our dining room with vintage and antique mirrors.

We have this long expanse of wall that just never seemed properly filled. Every time we brainstormed ideas we always came back to adding a piece of furniture to the space and then I stalled out. More furniture really wasn't a necessity, plus I thought adding something else in would create more clutter (and I definitely didn't want that).
The other factor was that whatever we did needed to have a strong presence since our living room is open to our dining room and when you are sitting on the couch this wall is your main view.
I had not intended to even work on the dining room at all last week, but then I happened to be sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of coffee and the idea of a mirror gallery wall came to me. And, I totally went with it!
I started by grabbing all the extra, not in use mirrors I had in storage (plus the two that were already in the dining room). I also had a couple in my garage left over from dressers I had sold. Then, I went to the thrift store and bought two more (one being that awesome center aqua mirror). With a coupon, I ended up spending less than $20!
This project took me two full days. The first was spent gathering the mirrors, determining layout (that took me forever) and hanging them.
Day two was spent painting. I wanted to have everything hung before I painted so that I could get a better feel for how I wanted to vary the colors.
In all, I ended up painting five of the mirrors. Three were done in white/cream and two in aqua/blue. I had loved the oval mirror in the bold turquoise color and thought that it would be great to inject more color throughout the gallery. The large center mirror is a custom color that I mixed myself and I think it pairs perfectly with the colonial feel of the mirror.