Thursday, March 20, 2014

Easy, Stained, Wood Bead Garland

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've shared a craft with you all so I thought I would show you how I made this super easy, stained, wood bead garland recently.
I love how it is not seasonal so it can stay up forever and it adds a great layer of texture and interest to our space.
Here's what you need: unfinished wooden beads in various sizes, a wood stain marker, leather cording and scissors.
Simply stain the beads using the stain marker. I used the marker for a couple of really important reasons. One, is that the beads are so small that using regular stain would have created a huge mess. Also, the marker is virtually odor free which is great when you are crafting inside your home.

The process of staining all of these beads (I used about 50) really didn't take that long. Here's a little tip. Plop all your supplies down next to your children and start working. Mine had completely thought I lost my mind when they saw me using a marker on beads. When I told them I was actually staining they wanted to try it out for themselves. They ended up staining more that half the beads for me. Score!
The beads dry pretty instantly so once the staining process is done, just string them randomly onto the leather cording, tie a loop at each end and cut off the excess.

 And, in case you're really astute you may have picked up, in the reflection of the mirror, that I changed the styling on the top of my Antique Pantry Cabinets. I was craving something more simple and modern and picked up a dip dyed basket at HomeGoods the other day. Loving these little changes!