Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Crate & Caster Side Table

Hey everyone!

I have the simplest project to share with you all today.

I created it in way under 30 minutes, with just a couple of supplies and it gives such a fun, vintage feel to any space.
Here's what you need: Vintage wood box (I find these all the time at junk shops/flea markets, but if you cannot find one, simply buy new and age using a dark stain.), casters (similar to these), screws to attach casters (make sure they don't go all the way through the box!), screwdriver, paint & paint brush.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the box and stain if necessary.  Next, paint the bottom of the box (will be the back once you are done with the project) a fun and bright color for contrast (I used a turquoise).  You don't need to be precise or get great coverage as it will keep with the feel of the piece if it is a bit worn and distressed looking.  Lastly, flip the box on its side and attach the casters. Note: You may need to drill a pilot hole to attach the screws!
 That's it! So super simple.

Of course, once I uploaded these pictures I was kind of in love with the combo of this side table/chair/pillow.  That coupled with me posting my Updated Living Room Tour and Spring Entry pretty much is the kiss of death for my home. I'm not kidding. Every time I share a room tour it is inevitable that I will start to pick apart everything in my head and then make changes.

Anyway, what do you all think? Wouldn't this side table look great in an office or child's room? Or even as the one quirky, worn piece in a beautifully decorated space? I completely think so!