Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Updated Living Room Tour

Way back in January I had really no intentions of changing anything in my living room. Of course, tons of things have since changed, which is not only the nature of being a blogger, but also being a furniture painter. I try to be strong, but you know I can't always resist keeping some of my pieces.
Anyway, four months into the new year I thought I would give you a wrap up of what has been done in the room so far.
It started when Rugs USA gifted me their gorgeous Marrakesh Shag Rug. I have to say that I am beyond still in love with it. Seriously. I didn't know it was possible to have such feelings for a rug, but I do.  And, it has held up great, despite Figgy scratching his claws on it (shag rugs hide way more flaws). It's also survived someone (not me!) dropping an entire mug of coffee on it. After some tears, yes I cried over my rug, I purchased Spot Shot carpet cleaner. Miracle product. You would never know there had been a spill. (You can see the original post with the rug here.)


That coffee table is also a recent addition. I had no intentions of keeping it, but after painting it with General Finishes Antique White I asked you all what to do and I got a unanimous yes...keep it! And, I am so glad I did. The shape and style is perfect in our home. (You can read the entire coffee table post here.)
Here it is staged for Easter...
And here it is when Figgy pushes everything out of he way to sun himself...

Moving on. You might all recall that I purchased a vintage painting of a woman back in February. My family mostly hated it, but have sense warmed up to her.  I call her Genevieve and you must the French way like this. (You can see the original post here.)
Next, I purchased some antique pantry cabinets, painted them (twice), stacked them and put them in the corner of my living room, replacing my turquoise dresser, which has since moved on to the office. The storage and scale is amazing in the room. I have it filled with all of my extra decorative stuff and it has proved invaluable. I changed the styling from the original post, seen here to something a bit simpler and more modern. I also, added in the reclaimed wood on the wall and purchased the Threshold brass floor lamp.
Speaking of wall décor, at the beginning of the year I added a plate gallery wall and then tweaked it a bit once I got Genevieve.
On the other side of the arch I placed this mirror, which I had found for free and painted and then created this simple, modern wood bead garland. (You can get the supply list and tutorial here.)


And, that is it! I exhaust myself.
Here is a final look of the room taken from the stairway in the entry.