Monday, November 10, 2014

Primitive Autumn Home Tour

Morning everyone! I've been swamped with deadlines, both blog and custom painting orders, which tends to get a tad overwhelming, but I have to say, I made some amazing headway this past weekend which, is starting, to put my mind at ease.
One thing I checked off my list was to photograph my Mom's primitive autumn home. Her home tours are always a huge hit here and this year is especially pretty and inventive.

Most of her seasonal decorating is concentrated in her dining room.

I totally love her gourd collection, and stole a few for my own mantel.

Also, she has some pretty amazing natural garlands made with corns and more gourds.

A single primitive pumpkin sits on an old chair.

I totally love this delicate garland where each corn kernel is individually strung.

The living room has a few autumn touches. 

I completely love the organic feel of this simple bittersweet wreath...

...and the bold orange of this unusual garland against the white walls.

Lastly, the jewel tones in these corns are just perfect all stacked up together.