Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January Mantel & Contributor Post

Hey there!
I'm in the process of purging my furniture and accessories in preparation of selling my home, but still can't help myself from prettying things up around here.

I knew I wanted to add some wintry touches to my mantel for January (it's cold up here in Massachusetts!), but I also wanted to keep it simple and modern looking.
I started by leaving the birch logs in the fireplace. They are my favorite tree in the world (yes, I have a favorite) and I love how they add a touch of white.  Creeping painted lady also remained.
On one side I left the ceramic birch candelabra that had been on my Christmas mantel. It ties in perfectly to the logs in the hearth.
On the other side I add in some silvery touches (that always seems wintry to me and reminds me of the ice and snow).
The books add in a touch of my accent colors and bring in a vintage feel and the twigs are reminiscent of the trees and shrubs outside right now.
I finished the space with a simple yarn garland. It's my January contributor post at Jennifer Rizzo's blog. You can see more pictures and the simple tutorial here.