Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter Finger Knit & Pom Pom Galand (& Simple Winter Sideboard)

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm so excited for this year here at Number Fifty-Three.

I'm really, really, really hoping to make progress in our new home in 2016. It needs so much renovating and decorating.  A couple of things have held me back on this. One, I'm truly (and this is unlike me) questioning and second guessing all of my choices and, two, I have been blessed to be swamped with custom order painting.

I had grand plans to paint over Christmas break as I came up with a design for our stairway and even found the perfect little chair for the landing. But, I never did. I filled my days with celebrating both of my boys birthdays, and working on some furniture to sell from my stash and crafting. It felt so good to do some crafts. I hadn't in what felt like forever! One, I will share as my contributor post over at Jennifer Rizzo tomorrow and another I'll share today with you all.

I made this Winter Finger Knit and Pom Pom garland last week. It actually went pretty quickly and I only needed one skein of yarn.

I have it in my dining room. This sideboard was destined to be sold before we moved (it previously was used as the TV stand), but I had wanted to repaint it first. (At the old house it was a aged cream top and the original stained bottom.)  I never had time to do that and it made the move. So happy that it worked out that way. I randomly redid it one day and I love the two tones and distressing. And, since its update, it has been a center for seasonal decorating.

Anyway, have you all tried finger knitting before? I've done a few projects and it's pretty addicting. On my one day list is to learn to knit for real. (There are tons of tutorial out there on how to finger knit and I have used this one in the past.)

So, I just did a long length of finger knitting so I had enough to drape over my antique pantry door and pool it on either side.

Next, I made some pom poms. I wanted them small, but full, so I used a fork and wrapped the yarn around it 30 times.  (There's a good tutorial for that here.)

When the pom poms where finished I just tied them to the garland. So easy.

I kept this area pretty simple. The focus is on this huge, antique apothecary jar my mom gifted us for Christmas. I filled it will a little water and a small pine tree from our property. It had previously been on my hot chocolate bar in the kitchen during Christmas (here).

I kept the entire area seasonal and simple, which I love in January after the abundance of Christmas.

Tomorrow, I will share with you all the before and after of this antique chair, along with that contributor post, I mentioned.

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