Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Top 5 Beauty Products

A while ago, here, I shared a list of my fave beauty products of the moment.  Then, my shampoo and conditioner I loved was discontinued. Tragic. And Christmas happened and I got all sorts of new fun stuff to try. So, I thought I would update. I love trying new products, especially when they work really well and cut down on time or the amount of things I need to use and these definitely fit the bill.

philosophy  2 Clairsonic  3 Sephora  4 WEN 

The Purity cleanser along with the Clairsonic is amazing for your skin. I find that I no longer need any other products, like exfoliators or masks to keep my skin clean and smooth.
My hair is really long right now, and my the end of the day I definitely want it up. I found these really cute hair ties at Sephora that don't tug or damage my hair at all, which I love because my hair breaks very easily.
My Mom has been trying to get me to try WEN for years and I've resisted. But, I would have to say, at this point, I don't have any plans to stop (and that is huge for me as I typically just flip flop from one shampoo to the next.) In fact, I haven't used traditional shampoos and conditioners at all in 2013.  WEN definitely takes time to get used to, but my hair has never looked so healthy and frizz free. Also, the curls are much better defined.  The greatest thing is that since my youngest was a baby I have had this scalp condition that was being treated with prescription shampoo and a steroid mousse and I have not used either since I switched to WEN.  That is the best thing ever!
Here's a quick recent pic of the back of my hair that my oldest took:
I love the fact that he doesn't even question why in the world I would want a picture like that anymore.
And here is a picture I found from the last time that I had long hair and was using traditional shampoo.  I think I ended up cutting it not long after this because of the insane amounts of frizz and lack of curl definition.
And lastly, my new perfume. CLEAN Fresh Laundry...the name pretty much says it all and I love it!
Have you tried any of the products I listed? What are your favorites right now?
Have a great day...my oldest is freaking because he has an orthodontist appointment to get his bands put on this morning. Wish him luck and me the patience to deal with him!



  1. Love the Sephora hair band, I just bought one for a friend!

  2. Wow, they sound like fabulous products! I'd like to try the WEN shampoo, but I hope I can find it around here, where I live. Your hair looks lovely, I too have shoulder length wavy hair. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Doesn't it grill you when a favorite product bites the dust? That has happened to me, too. The Wen sounds good but holy crumolile...$49 a shot? That is PRICY for my piteous budget. Thanks for sharing, though. Susan

  4. I am a real Philosophy girl, I have a ton of their products. Love it.



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