Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mid-Length Hair Ideas...

Let me just start off by saying that I, in no way, have mid-length hair. My hair has gotten super, super long and is currently a few inches past the middle of my back.
Also, my hair is impossible to maintain and has always been that way.  It's curly (and I don't like to straighten it). Unless I do a very involved routine every day it is complete frizz. I have a ton of hair, yet it is super fine.
Add into that the fact that I have never really been able to find someone to cut it properly besides my Mom.  Seriously, I either have stylists who straight up tell me they have no idea how to style curly hair or stylists who neglect to listen to the fact that my hair curls very, very unevenly so you can't just cut it all the same. (The top layers of my hair are curly, the underneath layer is just wavy.) So, I frequently end up with very distinct layers that do not mesh.
There is my hair rant. And I'm probably (much to my husband's dismay) going to get it cut. Example number one is my current fave.  What about you? Any hair troubles?
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  1. I love every single one of your inspiration photos Angela! Hair is an ongoing frustration for me too!

  2. I'm right there with you in the hair frustration! Am trying to grow mine out..but it is fine and wavy. Won't hold a curl unless I spray it and then ugh. Have good days and bad days. BUT I don't want to cut it so it is in that tween stage of in my collar. Thank goodness I have a wonderful hairstylist!

  3. Wonderful hairstyles you have chosen. I personally like all of them.

    I had long hair most of my life and then in my late thirties got it cut short. Within the last several months, I decided (to my husband's excitement) to let it grow out again. I don't want it too long but I do LOVE having length again. I have layers and like to use a curling iron like a wand to get a long loose curl. This is going to sound very vain and I don't mean it that way, but I am loving my hair style now. If you have a minute and want to go to my blog, I recently posted a photo on my sidebar that shows the length and the curl. It is much shorter than you would want but you could still do it that way.

    Disclaimer....I promise I am not trying to be conceited at all. I just thought I would share the way I do mine.

    Good luck with your choice. I bet it will be wonderful!

  4. I'm a hairstylist and love the looks you've picked out, but remember when you style it keep it "deconstructed" and fresh like in the photos! So often women get too fussy and stiff and don't let their natural texture show and then it loses that fresh look and ends up looking dated.

  5. Isn't it funny.....I have perfectly straight hair that won't hold a curl for more than 10 minutes! We always want the kind of hair we don't have! lol I've recently gone back to short (very short!) hair because I realized that a ponytail is NOT a hairstyle! I just can't stand to have hair touching my face, so unless I was to have a brush in my hand at all times, it had to be pulled back. But a chunky gal over 50, sporting a ponytail, is just not a great look! LOL Good luck with your stylist.....take lots of pics with you.....that always seems to help!

  6. Being only one of two people in 3 generations to NOT have a blond Afro (And yes, I said afro) I too have problems with shorter hair cuts. My hair is not curly at all but does have lots of body which makes it unruly when it's short and I hate styling. The weight of longer hair makes it much easier to manage. And did I mention that I CANNOT hold a curl or a straightening either by iron or perm. It just gets fluffy. Ugh. One thing that works and I'd imagine would help for you too is to have it thinned on a regular basis rather than cut. It would lighten up the weight of the outer hair giving it a more uniform look to the hair underneath. Then styling could be done with simple finger scrunching with a light light weighted mousse that would also control the frizz that I not doubt imagine you deal with daily. And it also helps to see the same stylish every time. They will know your hair and works and what doesn't. Seeing someone new is like seeing a new Dr. every time for the same problem: you repeat over and again what to do and what not to do. The same stylist will already know.
    Good luck with the cut. I look forward to seeing it.
    Cindy in West Lafayette, IN

  7. My hair is that length and I could do this with a little gel. Thanks I will try it! Hugs,

  8. PS So much of the styling issues are due to a build up of silicone on the hair. If you look at ingredients you'll see names that end with "cone" and it provides the slip but builds up and blocks out moisture and makes styling a pain. I encourage my clients to do a vinegar rinse, this removes the build up and hair will be much softer, shinier and easier to style!

  9. I like the bangs in no 5, sooo sexy!

  10. 3, 4 and 5 are amazing. here's to super uneven curls and fine hair. i wish i had a lot of it though - mine is very thin as well... ah genetics weren't good to me there! i did find an amazing hair stylist about 10 years ago and he seems to be able to compensate nicely for what nature gave me... most people have no idea that i have curls that start midway down my head, more cowlicks than you can shake a stick at and super thin hair. sound pretty - well it isn't - not naturally anyway... good luck with the cut and when you find someone who can deal with difficult hair never let them go!


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