Friday, June 14, 2013

Things I'm Loving This Week...

It is still raining here! This is unbelievable!
I'm off in a bit to bring my boys to their homeschool art class, then back home to clean and organize my house and work on some special projects.
In a couple of weeks I'll be having a sale at my house. Part yard sale of my cast off home décor items (because you know I have way too much and am always changing things up), part painted furniture/crafty item sale. I've been super busy going through all of my things this week seeing what will stay and what will go. It should make for a really fun afternoon on the day of the sale!
Here are my fave things I have found this week online. I really, really think I need to get that pillow for my living room. The colors are perfect for fall (and yes, I am thinking that far ahead!)

1 DWR  2 West Elm   3 Pottery Barn   4 Target 

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  1. Love your favorite things! Good luck with your sale, hope you get rid of what you want.



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