Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[Project Notebook] Painted Armoire

So, you know that I am always thinking about what I can change around and update in our home.
One room that I have been gradually tweaking is our master bedroom. I love the armoire that my husband has in lieu of a dresser, but years of it being placed near a window has turned it from a dark wood to pretty much orange.
I'm thinking...of...maybe later this summer...painting it. Of course he completely does not know this yet, but I can still plan it all out.
I have a couple of bold textiles in our room (rug and quilt) so I would like to keep the armoire really simple and timeless. Right now I am thinking of painting it a creamy white and using black milk glass knobs (here) to tie in with the black in our silhouette gallery wall and to give it a more masculine feel.
Here are some inspiration pictures (of course I added in an aqua one since that is my fav color)...
1 Unknown  2 Unknown  3 Source  4 Source 
5 Source 
And here is a (not so good) picture of the armoire, as is, from last fall...
What do you all think?



  1. I think it's a great idea! I'd like to do the same to the armoire in our room, but the hubby would freak - he hates painted wood...I say GO FOR IT!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. I think a creamy white would look so good on it, I'd go for it! Love the site for the knobs, so quite a lot that I liked!

  3. Creamy white would be great..or maybe a mid grey? Or dark grey? Since it is your hubby's, maybe something even more masculine, but simple enough to fit into your design. I've been doing alot of grey lately, as it appeals to women and men alike. Strangely enough, there has been quite a few men looking at my stuff and liking it, ones that said they 'love wood'. I still love the creamy white house has alot of it, and its so easy to fit together. So that idea is a solid choice..good luck! :)

  4. I love #4. I have an armoir in my entry that I'm trying to decide what to paint. I love #4!

  5. These are so beautiful and love the inspiration!



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