Thursday, August 22, 2013

Painted Upper Cabinets

Hi everyone!
I am by no means done with my kitchen updates, but since it has been since forever since I posted my ideas about what I wanted to do I thought I would share my has been slow, at best!

First, I removed all the upper cabinets doors on this side of the kitchen and stored them away. I also tossed out all of the shelves since they were covered in laminate and bought new pieces of wood at the Home Depot.
Two things...first, when my husband went to buy new wood for the shelving he brought an old one as an example and the guy working actually told my husband that there was real wood under the laminate and to just remove all the laminate instead of buying new wood.
Anyone want to imagine my reaction when my husband got home, without the new lumber and told me that one. Not. Good.  Let's just say he never actually got out of the car and went right back to the store where he encountered a more sane employee.
So, secondly, the new wood we bought for the shelves was thicker than our old shelving. I highly recommend doing this as it gives the cabinets a more custom and substantial feel.


I painted the back of the cabinets in a peacock color, a pretty aqua/blue and the rest of the upper cabinets went bright white to match all the woodwork in our home.
All of the decorative bowls on this side hold snacks for my boys.
I mixed in red and aqua pieces in the cabinets along this wall to further add to my accent colors.

The window treatment is from IKEA.

On the other side of the window I keep our everyday dishes and  mixing bowls.
The backsplash is a chalkboard.
On the opposite side of the kitchen is our stove/refrigerator area. I kept these cabinets closed; just painting them and adding on glass knobs for hardware.
So, still left in this room would be to paint all the lower cabinets (they will be a contrasting darker color) and look/price new countertops. But, I'm getting is a before for comparison. I am loving it SO much more now!




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  1. love the color pop! and love the bit of red mixed in there!

  2. They look great much lighter and brighter! Love the aqua color you painted the backs!

  3. it's looking great!

  4. You did a lovely job, I love the upper cabinets in white, plus all your beautiful things popping up inside them. Great things are not done rapidly, my friend!
    Big hugs,

  5. It looks amazing! What a difference!

  6. Angela, this is really coming along and looking very pretty!


  7. Your kitchen is looking great, Angela. I really like the chalkboard backsplash and the colour on the inside of the cabinets. My hubby would have listened to the first HD guy too. Actually, I probably wouldn't have sent my husband (he would have stayed home to make dinner while my boys and I went lol.)

  8. I've been thinking about doing this too!


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