Thursday, October 3, 2013

Walls Need Love Review

I love trying new-to-me products and I am so excited to share my latest little experiment with you all!
If you know my youngest, Gennaro, in real life then you for sure are aware of his massive love for Disney. He is seriously a walking Disney encyclopedia. And it is not, just Mickey that he adores. Lately he has been reading and learning all that he can about Walt Disney.
So, when WallsNeedLove offered to send me this Walt Disney quote decal I was beyond thrilled (and I knew Gennaro would be too)!

First of all, I love, love how this came out on Gennaro's wall. It is so simple and has such a special message. And, the huge bonus was that it was not nearly as hard to apply as I had feared.

The decal came with incredibly detailed instructions and a squeegee to get out any air bubbles and to help adhere the decal.

Clearly, sensing each step in the process that would normally make me want to break out in hives and storm out of the room, the instructions seriously walked me through any bits of fear or anger I had trying to get this hung up properly. Their humor (and little bag of candy they included with the supplies) wiped away any bit of apprehension I had.

And you know what else I love? There was a little card included in the package that introduced the company and explained how they donate a percentage of revenue to Awesome.

Here's a final look at the wall...









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