Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Inspiring Bloggers Series: Meeha Meeha

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be starting something new here at Number Fifty-Three! My Inspiring Bloggers Series will introduce you to my absolute favorite blogs and the fantastic people behind them. Awesome, right?
And, I'm starting the series off with the amazing Meeha Meeha. She has the most wonderful style and I have been obsessed with her blog since I first discovered it!

 How To Decorate With A Single Gourd - 3 Ways...
Hello, dear Angela and wonderful Number Fifty-Three readers!

My name is Meeha Meeha and I'm super-excited to address a new crowd! Angela has got such great taste and a happy nature and we share a love for clean, stream-lined design - so I'm sure that her readers are equally cool :)
My blog Meeha Meeha is about the trials and tribulations of stylishly decorating a small home - on a budget! I think that every little corner of the house should look great and match your style. And you don't have to buy expensive designer stuff to do that. That's why I found a great way to fake a wallpaper, I made a zen garden on my little balcony and I even hand-painted my happy entryway. I hope you will come by for a quick look!

Today I would like to talk about how to decorate with a single gourd (or pumpkin). 
Many of us used a bunch of gourds, Fall leaves, pine cones etc. to decorate for the season. So did I. It's such a pity to throw them away in the beginning of December! I really like the whimsical shape of the gourds and I know for a fact that they can remain intact for almost a year. So I decided to keep a single gourd in each room and integrate them into my decor, even if little touches of Christmas are already sneaking up on our little home.

Gourd No. 1. Monochrome vignette in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest and serenity. Busy decor is not welcome in here. The calmer the place, the better! I recommend creating a monochrome vignette, assorted to the bedding (if possible).
How to style it:
- Choose your gourd or pumpkin. Go through your stuff and find something similar in shape and color. I went with a cute golden gourd. The wooden Russian doll shares the same colors and also has a round shape, so it's a perfect match for the gourd.
- Clear your nightstand. You must start up with a clean slate :)
- Place the gourd and matching items on it. Complete with neutral, functional items (because the nightstand must be useful to you, not just pretty to look at). I added a stack of books, since I am an avid reader.

Gourd No. 2. Neutral colors and lots of texture in the home office

My dad always used to tell me that you cannot concentrate in a busy, cluttered environment. The mind needs some "negative space" (at least my mind does!). In the home office, I use warm colors and lots of neutrals, in order to create a soothing environment in which my brain can function properly.
How to style it:
- Choose your gourd or pumpkin. Mine is sitting in a clear vase, because it has a tricky shape and this was the only way I could make it stand up (well, sort of...)
- Go through your stuff and choose small items made of natural materials. I've got a lot of texture on my desk: glass, wood, wax, metal, ceramic.
- Add a tiny touch of red, to make it interesting to the eyes - here goes the mushroom :)

Gourd No. 3. Go bold in the living room

This plus-size gourd looks like a cross-bread between a bowling pin and a wine decanter, don't you think? I decided to make it the living room attraction, because it is a great conversation starter.
How to style it:
- Choose your contrasting colors. The maximized color contrast guarantees the WOW effect. The gourd is green and green's opposite color is red. I used a red pitcher and a red candle holder. They are both round in shape and made of glass, similar in shape to the gourd's "belly" and contrasting with the heavy texture of the gourd. Add cute tiny accents in neutral colors if you want to (the washi tape and the felt balls).
- Place the arrangement where everyone can see it when they enter the room.
- Use an asymmetric "A" shape layout. This way you make sure that the eyes of the beholder travel throughout the entire vignette. Layer the elements, placing the taller ones in the back row and the smaller ones in the foreground.

Well, that's it, folks! I wanna thank Angela again for giving me the opportunity to guest blog and to meet new friends. I hope that my little styling exercise was simple and fun. I would love if you came by Meeha Meeha for more of this stuff. Cheers!
Thanks so much Meeha Meeha! And be sure to check out her blog. Seriously. You will all love it!



  1. It's been an honor and a pleasure, Angela, thanks again :)

  2. her blog is so fun and unique and full of pretty pictures!

  3. Love this. So different! And I spy a kitty ;)

  4. This is such a great idea!! I was checking your blog and I am loving what I see! ;)

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  5. I looove Meeha's blog and decor style, thanks for this post, Angela!

  6. Interesting gourds! Haven't heard of this blog - I'll definitely go take a look.

  7. I love Meeha's blog and her pinterest boards! She is one amazing girl and her Zen Balcony Garden was so very awesome! Made me just want to go sit there!

  8. Oh this is just fantastic! I love how she styled those vignettes with those gourds!!! I will be jumping over to check out her blog right now!!!!


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