Friday, November 22, 2013

Things I'm Loving This Week... (Holiday Prep Edition)

Just so you all know, my house is still decorated for late autumn...and I plan on keeping it that way for just a bit longer.
Don't you find this to be such an awkward time of year? You don't want to snub Thanksgiving. I mean, it really does deserve its moment, but Christmas is so grand and requires so much planning. Planning that needs to be done before Turkey Day.  Especially this year, with Thanksgiving being so late.
Don't fear, I'm sharing this special edition of Things I'm Loving This Week completely devoted to those essentials that need to be done prior to the holiday rush.
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Just a couple of notes before I head off to start my day.
First of all, why do I not own that CB2 wreath? I have been pining over it for two years now. I need to make that happen.
Secondly, check out treat. for cards. They are unique, personal and really, really affordable. Start planning for your Christmas cards now. Here's why...last year I ran out of time and motivation and never sent out cards. I. Am. Still. Hearing. About. It. From. My. Family. Seriously, they are threatening me this year. Also, get a special little card for your love. They are customizable and truly a keepsake. It will also help you to avoid awkward situations like I have had with my own, you each other the very same cheesy card from the drug store one Christmas. Awkward. Learn from me. 
Enjoy your weekend!




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  1. Such awesome goodies here lady!!! Yes you need to get that wreath!!! Loving all these finds especially those cards!!! Have a great weekend!


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