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Inspiring Bloggers Series: Shabby Love

Morning everyone! I'm so super excited to share this month's Inspiring Blogger! I seriously think that Melissa from Shabby Love is crazy talented. I mean, this girl carves her own spoons out of wood. And, uses cement to make hearts and Easter eggs. In my book, that is totally fearless!
Hey everyone!!! Melissa from Shabby Love here!!! Angela is one of my all time favorite bloggers so I am very excited and honored to be here today for her Inspiring Bloggers Series!!! 

My husband, Nate, and I have been slowly redoing our home room by room and we also have a booth at an antique mall so we are always working on something. I thought I would share some of my top favorite posts in a few different categories to showcase our style, our work and my husband's amazing talent! :) 
Furniture Redos

Numbered Dresser
This cute little dresser got stripped of its textured rose colored paint and got a new stained top and a couple coats of one of my favorite paint colors - Parchment White. I repainted the existing knobs with dark brown acrylic paint and added vintage mailbox numbers to the center of the drawers. I'd been dying to add numbers to something and this proved the perfect piece!

This oval table was given to me by a friend. It was already painted white so Nate helped me add the yardsticks to the top and I distressed it a bit. I just love the varying colors of the yardsticks against the white!

I found this dated potato/onion bin at a thrift store and immediately knew it had potential. I removed the plastic faux stained glass inserts and replaced them with rusty chicken wire. The cabinet got painted in my other favorite paint color - Antique White. I sanded and restained the top, kept the existing porcelain knobs, and added a fun French graphic using a mod podge transfer technique.  

Repurposed Furniture

In our kitchen, above a pallet cabinet Nate built, was nothing but empty wall. I wanted to utilize the space in a unique way so we came up with an idea for shelving using an old door. We added pallet boards across the width of the door and stapled a burlap sack to the back for color and texture. The door fit nicely behind the pallet cabinet and provided me with space to display my many collections! 

I needed something to display items in my booth so one day Nate and I gathered random items sitting in our garage and built a cabinet that I referred to as the Frankenstein cabinet. The two side pieces of the cabinet are cupboard doors, the top and bottom are pieces of a six paneled door. The glass door was taken off an old china cabinet. The piece of wood below the glass door was part of a cutting board and the legs were taken off a crib. It cost nothing to build and validated my hoarding tendencies! :)

I called this project the Bride of Frankenstein and it was entirely Nate's idea. My most favorite chippy chair was broken to pieces after being hit multiple times by our storm door during a wind storm. We shoved it all in the garage as I figured we could eventually use the pieces for something. Using the chair legs, a window frame and pallet boards, Nate created this awesome side table!!!  

Room Redos

After dreaming about and slowly plugging away at our kitchen for two and a half years, we finally finished it this past summer!!! We repurposed as much as we could by keeping the existing cabinets and giving them a fresh look with beadboard wallpaper and trim. And we cut costs by making our own wood countertop. Compared to the before, I absolutely love how fresh, clean, and bright our kitchen looks now!! 


Over the summer Nate and I decided to surprise our four year old son, Anderson by redoing his room while he was visiting my parents for the weekend. We repainted the baby yellow walls and gave it a very grown up and industrial makeover. He was thrilled when he walked through the door and saw his new room!! 

We decorated our living room in a coffee house type theme when we first bought our home ten years ago. Over the years, my style has changed, furniture has come and gone, and I was growing tired of the dark brick wallpaper. Things were not flowing in the room and the different styles were too conflicting. We stripped the wallpaper, repainted the walls, and added decor and furniture that fit better with the simple farmhouse look we were trying to achieve.

Favorite Projects

We created this shelving specifically for my ironstone collection in our kitchen. We found the  unfinished brackets at Home Depot. I stained, painted and distressed them and used pieces of barn wood for the shelves. Love!!! 

Nate built me this beautiful stepback cupboard to use as a display piece in my booth!! As you may have noticed, I have a weakness for anything farmhouse, anything white and reclaimed wood. :) This piece encompasses all of those things and I love having it as a gorgeous statement piece in my booth space! 

Last year I found a very weathered porch post in the woods at my parent's house. I stored it in our garage to let it dry out until I could think of a way to use it. I've been dreaming about a mantle headboard for years and when it came time to start redoing our bedroom and to start thinking more seriously about a headboard, it suddenly hit me that we should find a way to incorporate the porch post into a mantle somehow. Nate cut the post in half length wise and used them as the mantle sides. For the rest, he used reclaimed fence boards and barn wood. I absolutely love the white chippy paint still left on the posts and the very rustic look of it all!! 

So, there you go! Some of my most favorite projects we've accomplished over the last few years. I really hope you enjoyed our work and I would love for you to come visit me anytime to see what I'm working on! :) Thanks again, Angela. I loved being apart of your Inspiring Bloggers Series!! 
Thanks for stopping by, Melissa!
I completely love how Melissa displays all over her collections! They are orderly, not cluttered and just gorgeous!

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  1. melissa is so talented! i love her bedroom!

  2. Love all of Melissa's projects!! Love Shabby Love <3 So much eye candy!!!! Have a super day Angela and Happy Blogging <3 <3

  3. I am so jealous of anyone who can take random pieces in found in their garage and make something beautiful out of them... I've got to get better with the power tools! What a talented couple can't wait to go over and explore!

  4. Love Melissa and her beautiful blog. Her kitchen redo is one of my favorites.


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