Friday, July 11, 2014

Study Update: Our Graffiti Wall & New Rug

*I was compensated for this post with supplies, however all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.
First of all, the name of this room is up for debate in our household. Over the years, this space has been our den, office and classroom (my boys are homeschooled).  When we finally decided to renovate it we were torn on what to call the space. So this might change in the future, but for sure it will be some variation of study or lounge.


With all that technical naming stuff out of the way, we have so far removed all the fake 1970s paneling and several layers of wallpaper. Then we patched, sanded and painted the walls. And, it is starting to look like a real, actual room that really flows with the rest of our home and not just a junky afterthought (which is what it has been for years.)
I created a chalkboard on the biggest wall and completely gave up control to my boys. They refer to is as the graffiti wall.  They're using chalkboard markers on it to give it more of the graffiti look. I'm not completely sold on the removability of the markers, so we'll have to see with that, but if I had to recoat the wall in chalkboard paint it wouldn't be the end of the world.
By the way, you may remember seeing a glimpse of the wall a little while back when I shared how we rehabbed that fab MCM dresser.
Adding to the this-is-now-an-actual-room-and-deserves-nice-things vibe we have going on, Rugs USA was super generous and overall awesome to gift us a new fab rug.  I've lived tortured for the last couple of weeks while the rug has remained rolled and wrapped up in our entry waiting for us to finish enough of the room to actually roll it out. (If you've never ordered a large rug online and are wondering how it arrives at your house, check out my Rugs USA review from way back in January.)
Of course the real test is what Figaro thinks of the rug. He said to tell you all, "ROAR! I am a wild boy on this zebra rug." No lie. That's what he said. Within five minutes of unrolling the rug he had fully tested it out and deemed it perfect for all things cat related. You know, the laying, rolling, sleeping, scratching, washing that keeps him busy for most of the day. Well, except for the washing and sleeping. He does very little of both.
So, when I was deciding on which rug to use in the space my criteria was something modern, something with a pattern and something neutral. I think the Safari Contemporary Zebra Print with Faux Silk Highlights Grey Rug was the perfect choice. The bonus is that I am in love with the different textures of the rug and the silkiness of the stripes.
We still have a TON to do in this room. I'm super excited to share this rooms full transformation with you all!


  1. Love the chalkboard wall too! The rug you chose is so neat!

  2. I love your kitty pictures...what kitty wouldn't LOVE that rug!

  3. This is the perfect size stool for those top of the cabinet shelves. I love yours, and such a great tutorial.
    Wonderful Modern Dream House

  4. luv it!!! from the wall to the rug to the kittie!!!!!

  5. Love the "graffiti wall"! And of course the kitty on the rug :)

  6. I knew what comment I wanted to leave until I saw Figgy. OMG he's just the best.
    And I totally dig the wall and rug. Really do.

  7. I still love a good chalkboard wall!
    and your Figaro is just adorable!


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