Friday, September 26, 2014

Things I'm Loving This Week: Casual Fall Outifts

Seriously, how long has it been since I've done a Things I'm Loving This Week post? Like months way too long. That's how long. And I promise an explanation for my weird and sporadic blogging over the last few months. I promise. Like maybe even next week.  Because even though I don't share tons of personal stuff here...for real, my life has completely been flipped upside down and is just in a crazy new place that you all should know a little bit more about.

Anyway, does it feel like fall where you are?
Because we are sure getting there here in Massachusetts and I am super excited because I love the chilly weather. 

 Along with that comes, maybe, a few additions to my wardrobe just to keep things fresh. 
I like to keep things kind of casual, you know since my days consist of blogging, decorating, painting and homeschooling....
But still fun and modern with lots of bright accents.
And, muted camo skinny jeans. Yeah. Pretty certain I need those...


Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. I tried to comment, but not sure what happened to it. Anyway, just wanted to say glad to hear you will be with us. I lost my husband two years ago and haven't found my equilibrium yet, so I understand when life interferes. So, thanks for sharing with us all. I for one will be sticking around to read your blog.

  2. I want to believe I can pull off those camo pants because they are awesome!

  3. Those boots rock!! I can hear the music!


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