Thursday, April 2, 2015

Updated 70's Nighstand & Why You Should Buy These Old Pieces

You know what? I'm kind of in love with this piece.
Once I find furniture I typically move pretty quickly to get it redone and either put in my own home or listed for sale.
This table...I've had it since the beginning of tag sale season...last year! I think it waited more than long enough for its transformation.

When I'm furniture shopping my number one goal is to find a quality piece at a fair price.  Color, hardware and finish can all be changed in a dramatic way. I mean, just look at this before and after.
This was a classic example of that super heavy, dark furniture that was popular in the 1970s. It doesn't have a lot of relevancy in people's homes today as more and more seem to be leaning towards a brighter look. But, these pieces shouldn't be overlooked.
First of all, they are solidly built. And, secondly, (and I don't care where you live there just isn't enough of it) storage! Look at that huge it has a drawer. Tables like this are perfect in the bedroom, as an end table in the living room or even in an entry.


So, for this piece I started with a base of deep gray (General Finishes Queenstown Gray). For the main color I did a custom blend of GF's Persimmon and Coral Crush. That resulted in a gorgeous coral color than had more undertones of orange than pink.
Once everything was dry I lightly distressed it to let some of that gray shine through. I then added in new, modern hardware (picked out by my boyfriend, who has become my go to man when deciding on hardware).
Doesn't this just totally have a completely different feel? It's so modern and bright and happy. And for sale! Locals, if you are interested, please contact me!


  1. Wonderful and I love the color, I did a dresser for my tv and it's from the 70's and soooo heavy!

  2. Love the color Angela-great makeover!

  3. I love the dental molding! Was that original or did you add it. Such a nice touch

  4. Lovely! Great transformation. You did a super job. Susan

  5. It is beautiful!!!!!! I have been looking for a nightstand for ages now for my girls...I would scoop this up in a second! A job well done friend! Nicole xoxo

  6. Very cute that you and your boyfriend recreated this together!


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