Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

We've lived in our farmhouse for almost two months and I have been looking for this... (what I imagined in my head coffee table) for about three. Furniture pickings seem so slim lately!

My goal was something round (I would have conceded and bought square, if I had to), a pedestal base, and a top I could refinish and stain. Size was also important. We have the Ektorp Corner Sofa from IKEA, and while it is a sectional, it's not huge, so I didn't want a table that overwhelmed.

I started with repairs. The table came with the description that one of the legs needed to be reglued. And, it certainly did, as it was not even attached any longer. It was a simple fix really, just lots and lots of glue and a couple of days to dry.

Next, I sanded the top down to bare wood. Honestly, I had envisioned a lighter wood, but now that it is in the room I am super happy. Once it was sanded and cleaned, I stained it with, I believe, an antique walnut stain and poly combo.

Then, I painted the base. I had planned on cream. But, from custom work, I know how difficult that in to achieve on mahogany, with bleeding through, etc. So, I instead, painted the base with a deep charcoal gray. (I always figured I could do a cream paint on top).

I brought it inside, to just get a feel for where I wanted to go, color wise, and was so super thrilled with how the grays of the table and couch played off one another that I just decided to leave the cream out of the equation. 

Lastly, a little light distressing and some poly and it was good to go for our modern farmhouse living room.

I'm loving the older feel of the wood grain paired with the modern gray paint!

I'll share more pics of this room soon. We do have one major project still, but really it finally coming together!

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