Monday, December 7, 2015

My Love for Undecorated Christmas Trees

On Friday, I participated in the 2015 Holiday House Walk tour. I shared a few areas of our home, that are relatively finished and decorated for the holiday season. (If you missed it you can read the original post here.)

I truly loved decorating this year! And, while I wish I could have shared more, I am absolutely in love with what I did accomplish.

One thing you may have noticed was that, while I did decorate our main tree (with fresh winterberry branches and ornaments in red and white), I left our smaller tree and various pine clippings untouched. And, that is something that I just adore.

Here are some of my favorite examples...

Isn't this gorgeous!

The look is just so effortless, simple and unfussy.

How perfect would this be in a winter kitchen?

This tree is wonderful with just lights. Our small tree in the dining room came prelit and I left it as is, just allowing the glow of the lights to make the tree come to life.

By next Christmas, I will have our stairway painted and runners installed and plan to do something like this on the landing.

Maybe (like super hopefully) we will have the kitchen done by next Christmas and I can do something inspired by this. I am loving the little bits of red.

You know what else is fantastic about the undecorated Christmas tree? It's relevant no matter what your style is. It can as easily be incorporated into primitive décor as it can modern.

I love this tree! Pulled right out of the ground; roots included. It really doesn't get much simpler than this.

The rustic bucket this tree is in is just fabulous. Without ornaments the tree lends itself to winter decorating, rather than just limiting itself to Christmas.

This tree is in the process of decorating, but I love it left just like this...unfinished. This is giving me tons of ideas for both my large front porch and mudroom.

And, this one is just perfectly Christmas. The glimmer and glow of candles, evergreen and perfectly wrapped gifts. (Wrapping gifts nicely is on my to do list at some point...I am the worst!)

Lastly, these little pine clippings in green glass jars filled with water. Reminiscent of my dining room centerpiece this year. Probably my favorite ever. Just little bits of nature that reminds you of the season.

If you'd like lots and lots more Christmas inspiration I'm pinning on three boards this season:  Christmas & Winter Spectacular, Jennifer Rizzo's Holiday Housewalk 2011-2015, and Holiday House Walk 2015. The last being in conjunction with Good Housekeeping magazine! 

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