Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Two Toned Vintage Pine Desk Makeover (& Why I love Staining Furniture)

Lately, I have been completely crushing on natural pine.  Overall, showing partially stripped down wood on furniture pieces has been hugely popular with my clients over the last six to nine months and, really, I couldn't agree more. 

It's a nice balance from completely painting a piece. (Although, don't get me wrong, you all know I love my painted furniture!)

There's just something about exposing that natural wood grain that blends so well with the modern country and farmhouse vibes that people have going on in their homes right now.

The other thing is that, for the majority, the vintage furniture I get in has such a thick, original factory finish on it that the stain actually takes away from the beauty of the wood grain. I guess this was done to make everything look uniform and perfect, but I personally hate it. I'm after those natural imperfections and rings that make each piece of wood unique.

So, when my client asked for a stained and painted desk, I knew that this one from my furniture stash would completely fit the bill.

I started off by sanding the top and drawers, and the beauty just came right out. Look at the history and uniqueness in that desk top!

I did apply some stain to it (the lightest color I had on hand) Golden Oak, and it enhanced the wood beautifully. I guess, that is what I'm going for ENHANCING the wood grain...not COVERING it up.

The remainder of the piece got painted in a few coats of off white paint and lightly distressed.

And, here's a little behind the scenes glimpse of a photo shoot at Number Fifty-Three. My trusty assistant arranging the props while I get out my camera. ;)

I'm completely hunting and searching for a piece like this to do for my own home now!

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