Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 Tips for How to Give New Furniture Vintage Charm Using Paint

I have long loved vintage and antique furniture. The more the age and story it tells the better. But, sometimes you find a piece that completely fits what you are looking for size and style wise and is right there in your budget, but it's newer.

It's possible to use these pieces while still giving your space a vintage, country feel.

Here are my tips to achieve this:

1.  Pick a Piece with Clean and Simple Lines

2.  Use Vintage Paint Colors to Give an Older Feel

3. Use Multiple Paint Colors to Give the Impression that this has been Painted over Time

4.  Heavily Distress the Furniture for a Time Worn Feel

5. Finish with Wax Instead of Poly for a more Simple and Less New Looking Finish

P.S. This bench is in our mudroom! Oh My Gosh! It is nearly done and I will be sharing the Phase 1 reveal later this week. Also, are you dying over Figgy? He is in love with this room and bench so he insisted on being a part of this shoot. ;)

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