Thursday, June 30, 2016

Modern Farmhouse Mudroom Reveal

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I'm so thrilled to share phase one of our mudroom with you all! (I'll get into why this is phase one below.) Anyway, I've noticed in the nearly 9 months that we have lived here that almost everyone who visits comes through the mudroom (and of course our family is in and out of this space all day) so I really wanted to get the look of the room exactly how I had pictured.

Before I explain all that we've done let's take a look at the before from when we moved in last September.

So. Insanely. Ugly. Plus, the room reeked of dog poop. So. Bad.

Here's what we did to update our mudroom on a budget:

1. Removed the nasty peel and stick tile

2. Installed a DIY wood floor (tutorial to follow)

3. Removed the doors from the built in cabinet and the existing shelf

4. Painted every square inch of the room from floor to ceiling (walls are Behr's Cracked Pepper and the remainder is a custom white)

5. Updated a modern bench using paint to give it a vintage feel (full blog post here)

6. Built shelves to contain shoes (in vintage boxes)

7. Added accessories to personalize the space (mostly things we had in our stash)

Now, I've mentioned that this is phase one. We still have a few things to accomplish.  These include a new overhead light (I'm thinking lantern), new glass in the door that leads into our kitchen (one of the boys accidentally locked us out and we had to break a window to get back in so now it is boarded up), new windows (this is the biggie) and window treatments. I'm thinking matchstick blinds to bring more wood tone into the room.

I'm feeling so much motivation and inspiration lately to get this house to the place we want it!

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  1. I like your matching 4 legged accessory the best!! :)
    and the rug
    and the black and white painted things....
    It all looks great!


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