Friday, July 8, 2016

Living Room Secretary Styling

I've been honing in on our living room lately. We've been in this house for close to a year and the progress I've made, decorating wise, has been slow, to put it mildly.

But, in the last few weeks we focused on making an antique coffee table, switching out sofas, and rearranging furniture.

One thing we brought into the room was this antique secretary. It's a family piece that my parents bought when I was a child and probably the only thing I would never get rid of.

I hung up my Ikea light that I had at the old house and added a mirror I bought at a flea market and painted a gray green. I love how the modern light plays off of the rustic wood wall.

This bowl is a Target find from a few years ago and pairs nicely with the Ikea light. It holds my business cards that I use for pricing and twine.

And, since I have such a thing for creepy paintings, I picked this one up at the thrift store recently. LOVE it!

One nice thing about this desk is that it's functional. When I want a place to work I just open it up and sit down with my lap top. (In both homes there has been a place for me to have a real office, but I sort of like being in a little nook in the main part of the house.)

Really hoping to wrap up this room soon so I can tackle the kitchen and half bath. Such desperate need in those spaces!

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