Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY Wood Candlesticks

Earlier this week I was testing out some decorating ideas for the holiday season (yes, I know...way too early, but Christmas is not entirely my thing so I need plenty of planning time).

Anyway, I'm kind of smitten with these super easy wood candlesticks I made. I intend to do more, in various sizes, but I thought I would share my first batch with you all....BTW, totally thinking these would be amazing for Thanksgiving on either my dining table or mantel.

Supplies:  2"x2"x3' poplar wood turning square, measuring tape and pencil, stain of your choice, sandpaper, drill, 3/4" spade bit.

Start out by cutting your wood to the desired length. I was able to get three candlesticks out of the one piece of wood.  Using a measuring tape and pencil mark the center of one end of the wood. Then, drill a hole for the candle using the spade bit. Next, sand each candlestick...note: I rounded the edges on mine for a more intentionally worn feel. Lastly, I stained each piece and let dry.

You can just stop the project right here, but I wanted that mix of modern with old that I adore so much so I dripped candle wax down the candlesticks.

I started by lighting the candles and just trying to wait. But, I'm impatient. And, I don't think that dripless candles actually drip, so I ended up tilting a lit candles and having the wax melt down where I wanted it. Use caution with this if you decide to do this too.

When I come up with a project I love when they can universally fit into everyone's d├ęcor.  These can go from modern to farmhouse to antique just by your use of finish and type of candles. 

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