Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gold Gilded & Stained Wood Coffee Table Tray

I seem to run into a certain problem more and more lately.  I'll have a vision for a certain decorative item in my mind and search everywhere for it with zero success.

So, I've started trying to journal these ideas and, with Darrell's assistance, create these perfect little pieces for our home.

One thing I was recently looking for was a simple gold tray for my Halloween coffee table vignette.  My mom can attest (as she was dragged from store to store with me one Friday) that there just wasn't anything that fit the bill out there; either being too ornate or expensive, or both.

I wanted the tray to have a bit of a modern edge, so we went with poplar because I love the pale color and simple graining (plus, it's rather affordable).

Supplies: Wood cut to the dimensions you would like your tray (we used two approximately 7" pieces for the base, and 2.5" pieces for the sides, wood glue and clamps, stain, artist brush, gold gilding liquid, brad nailer.

We started out by gluing the two bottom pieces together and clamping until dry. I then used an artist brush to apply the gold gilding liquid (Martha Stewart brand) to the side pieces. It looks very subtle in these pictures (which is sort of what I was going after), but I assure you they are gold!

Next, I stained the base (Minwax Ipswich Pine) and let everything thoroughly dry. I like the variation of the wood with the gold so much!

If you'd like to see my tutorial for chalkboard painted books you can check it out here.

Lastly, Darrell attached the sides with a brad nailer.

This project was really so straight forward and simple. I seriously urge you all to use your creativity and create your own décor. It's cost effective and a great feeling to have exactly what you are looking for!

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